Arrrggghhh...we are sinking!!!!!!

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Arrrggghhh...we are sinking!!!!!! a sea of debt!!!!!......

We have always been able to keep our heads above water, but it seems with everything getting more and more expensive and incomes not budging....We have got ourselves into a pit of not being able to meet the payments!!!

Its not like we have a whole lot of them, and they arent HUGE, but we just dont have the money to pay them off...

Mortgage is fine, we got that covered, its mainly the credit card...:rolleyes:
Our Trip to Aussie last year put $3,700 onto our credit card and we havent even been able to pay that back and over the year it has just been added too...its now just under $5,000, which again isnt too high, but when you dont have ANY $$$ left at the end of the month to pay it, it is HUGE...Especially when we are getting charged $70 a month interest!!!!!

*sigh* We had a wee look at the budget last night and it seems theres just not enough income coming in to cover everything...
And as I said we dont have ANY extras...
Our bills are just...

We dont have any car payments, we own both our car and truck...
We dont have digital tv...
We dont have anything but the basic's...
We EVEN get alot of help from the inlaws, who buy well over 50% of my kids clothes, they even drop the odd groceries in every now and then (veges, meat, formula when we were using it)

We have already cut back on groceries, turning off things at the wall, shortening showers to save power etc...Changed power company to a cheaper one...

I just cant get my head around it....SO said last night that it may be he needs to get a second job, but the tax would make it pointless, he would be working his a$$ off for not much...
I could go out and get a job, but again, child care would make it worthless...not to mention we would lose our family payments that our government pays working families...

I hate this feeling of sinking!!!!!....:(
Anyone have any great ideas that may help us???? PLEASE any help would be great Smile

Donations kindly excepted HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........

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That's a tough one. Could you take in some kids to babysit during the day? I hate that overwhelming feeling of not enough money. Maybe you could sell your wedges Wink

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"AmyJo86268" wrote:

That's a tough one. Could you take in some kids to babysit during the day? I hate that overwhelming feeling of not enough money. Maybe you could sell your wedges Wink

HAHAHA my wedges arent worth selling I have worn them to death...DONT KNOW WHAT IM GOING TO WEAR NEXT SUMMER!!! Sad

Yeah Im looking into the in home care, but there are so many in our town that there arent any kids out there needing care at the moment, but I am on the list of carers, well will be when I take my forms back in....opps

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Sorry that you guys are having a hard time. Not sure if you have or not, but have you tried calling the credit card company to try and negotiate a lower interest rate? I've seen it on financial shows here in Canada and a lot of the companies will do it.

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So we think we have found our way out...I hate to have to do it this way...But we were out of ideas...
Ive asked my mum if we can borrow the money off them and pay them back, with interest, just not the 19% we are paying at the moment...
She has said yes...which is a weight off my mind, but also something I never wanted to have to do...
SO has a couple of cash jobs lined up also to try pay her back as fast as I really dont want to owe my parents ANYTHING...Ive never been reliant on my parents for anything, Ive been super independent since I left home at 17 and have never asked anything from them before, so it was super hard to have to do it now...
But it does feel good to know that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we will slowly climb back out...
Im just very lucky that I have parents in a situation able to help us out...*whew*

Now all I need is for the in home child care to work out and a child need me and we will be back on track...As the next few years are going to get more expensive with Zoe starting College...$$$...As it is she has a camp at the end of October that is going to cost us $250...So gotta start looking for that money too...

Having a family is EXPENSIVE!!!!!....Remember that peoples as you increase your family gets more and more expensive as they get older!!!

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I'm glad you found a solution, and that your parents were able to help you out. Good luck with the child care situation!