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Everett has a touching problem when he's naked, he can't keep his hands off his built in toy. Our biggest way of dealing with this is to make him put clothes on, but last night DH cracked me up. He said "if you keep playing with it it's going to fall off!" I shook my head and he said under his breath "if that were true, no men would have them!" Sooooo funny!

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OMG Lexi is having issues with sticking her hands down her pants...maybe it's an age thing. I mean it's not like she has a built in joy stick like the boys.

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Too Funny!!! LOL And so true. Smile

Gabe does that often too. As a matter of fact, this morning we were sitting next to each other on the couch watching cartoons. I look over and see he has unzipped his footie pajamas all the way to his ankle and had started playing himself! The whole time he seemed completely entranced in the cartoon and oblivious to what he was doing. LOL Silly boy. Smile

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Jeovani does it too. And lately he's been asking to "see my weenie"....i think its the age. Self discovery?

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