Birthday presents

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Birthday presents

Hi ladies! I really have been lurking more than anything, but am wondering what you all are getting/have gotten for your kiddos for birthday presents! Drew wants a kid's camera so I am thinking about getting him this
I am not sure what else to get him. He also really wants an Aaron Rodger's football jersey (he loves him), but my parents are getting him that.
What do your kids want?
I hope everyone is doing well and can't believe our kids are 3!

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Lexi is getting this for her birthday...

Her party is next weekend! :eek: I don't know how it happened so fast!

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Maddison is getting a big girl bed and room!


this is the bedding she has picked out. I'm happy its cheap as the other option was $89 for the 3 piece bed set alone

she's getting curtains that match and perhaps a rug too a bedskirt and a toy storage bin

i'm excited and nervous at the same time. MIL is buying the mattress and box spring so thats a huge help.

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Funny thing is I always get so into "party" mode, her dad and I usually don't buy her birthday presents!! I kind of leave that to the party guests! I just bought the pink version of the VTech camera for a little girl who's birthday party we went to today! TRU has the VTech toys BOGO free and there is a $5 off coupon online so I got both cameras for about $35. I'll give the second one to Savannah for Christmas or maybe let her bring it to Disney in October.

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Stephen wants cupcakes LOL And his best friend from school to come to his party...thankfully he is coming Smile

He is really into space stuff lately. We got him hanging glow in the dark planets when he moved into his new big boy room. Last week at school was space week, too. So for his birthday we got him a light that shines constellations on the wall/ceiling.

We also got him a Cars bike. We gave it to him a little early so he could have more time to ride it, but it has been TOOOOO HOT to go out and ride it Sad

He got a kids camera for Christmas and LOVED it! We need to put new batteries in it for him. I am sure Drew will love it Smile

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We are getting Connor a new bicycle! He has asked for that more than anything and refuses to ride his little Diego bike around. He often steals Macy's and rides it, but looks a little funny riding a Barbie bike. Smile

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We ended up getting him the camera and also a scooby doo t-shirt (he's having a scooby party so we will give him that on the party day), a small basketball and a human body pop-up book. He's a little obsessed with the human body right now, like will tell you anything you want to know about your body (like how food goes down your esophagus, into your stomach then to your intestines...)!! It cracks me up!
I wish he was into bikes and I have been trying and trying to get him to pedal his tricycle or big wheel, but he really just doesn't care! The big girl room is a cool idea too and I bet Maddison will love that!