Cars & Christmas

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Cars & Christmas

I'm finished most of Caden's Christmas shopping but still looking for the big santa present. Does anyone have any good recommendations for an age appropriate car playset? I've looked at a few of the garage type things but they don't seem to have very good reviews. DH wants to get Caden a race track (like the slot car type), but I think he's too young to be able to control them that well.

I'm open to other ideas as well - what toys have gone over well in your house? I just don't want a repeat of last year - we got him a fairly big toolbench that he never touches. He plays with the tools but the bench itself just takes up space.

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I got Zayne this Geotrax for Christmas so I'm hoping he likes it

My friend (her son is just 6 weeks younger than Lexi) got her son the shake car track last Christmas but she said it's huge and takes up a lot of room.

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we have the fisher price little people garage that never gets played with. He will play with the 40 year old version of the same toy at my aunt's house though. My mom got EJ the geotrax this year so we'll see. Good luck. I think the structured play is just too structured for them.

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We have built a wooden garage for Liam and Charlie, just like the one we had and SO had as kids!!!...
Im in the process of painting and putting stickers on it at the moment, its sooo much fun, I enjoy making stuff for the kids...And this is something we will have and hold onto for our grandchild!!!...THATS A SCARY THOUGHT ISNT IT!!!

I will get a photo of it and post it on here... just cos I love Smile

As far as slot car sets go...they are roomy and they can be fiddly (depending on what age group they are catered for) I think you will find that DH just wants to relive his childhood (as we all do) But realistically it wont be played with and will just gather dust...or will get broken...Best save the cool slot car sets till hes a bit older....I have one here (my ex-husband was trying to relive his childhood) and we had a whole room dedicated to it (back then) it sits in my cupboard wasiting for the day Liam is old enough to play with it, without breaking it....

There is a super cool toy for boys that I wish I had the money to buy for Liam...I cant remember the name of it right now...But my friends just turned 4 and he got one, him and Liam play with it for HOURS!!!....Its this plastic dome thing (not huge) and there are 2 little remote control cars that you put in it and they race around, because its in a dome they dont fly out so very easy for little ones...But they crash and roll etc...LOTS OF FUN...I will ring her when shes home from picking the kids up from school and ask what its called!!!

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I'm still brainstorming Christmas gifts too--problem is, with Weston being the 2nd boy, we have a lot of boy toys, and not a lot of room for more!

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Hot wheels just came out with a set that you attach to the wall. I'd love to get J that, but it's not in our budget for this year. It's being sold at Sam's Club for $50.