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Has anyone experianced this??? Zayne is my lung problem kid but last night Lexi was coughing so hard I thought she'd never catch her breath. We decided to give her a nebulizer treatment (with Zayne's albuterol). She coughed most of the night and I thought to myself "that sounds croupy". This morning when I dropped her off, Amy felt her lymph nodes and showed me that they were definately swollen. She called me within 15 minutes of dropping her off and said it's definately a croupy cough.

ANYWAYS, do I try and treat it myself (I looked it up and it says shower steam or standing out in the cool air) or do I take her to the doctor since she's never had any lung issues before? She doesn't have a fever or anything, just the cough and swollen nodes. (Yes, I'm cheap and dont' want to take her to the doc if he's just going to tell me to do the same thing I already know to do)

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I would say try treating it yourself. If it sounds like croup, it probably is. E had croup when he was a baby. At first, we didn't know what it was, so we went to the ER (at 3 am). The doctors sent us home with the instructions to do steamy shower every couple of hours then bundle up to go sit outside in the cold and lots of sleep.

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Garrett for croup over the summer. We ended up in the ER. We tried neb treatments at home with no luck. The doc gave us a special neb treatment and a steroid shot and G was good to go. It was a scary night for us because his breathing was so labored and he sounded like a seal when he tried to take a breath. Hope she feels better soon!

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Everett gets croup and D had it once. The best thing to do is get in the bathroom with the shower running or go outside into the cool air. Everett is big enough now that I just tell him when I hear him starting to bark that he can't cry/ cough or get upset because it will make him cough and it will only get worse and scarier. He's the kind of kid that I can tell him not to cry and if he knows why he listens to me. I reminded him the whole week he had it and we didn't have a MAJOR episode. The doctors won't do a whole lot unless they are turning blue then you can get a steroid. I would call the pediatrician and let them know, but they will probably tell you the shower, cold air advice and leave it be.

FYI - honey or corn syrup can be used as a cough syrup if you can get them to take it.

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I'd probably try treating it yourself for now, and just monitor. If it seems like it's getting worse or not going away, you can go to the doctor and maybe get a steroid treatment. I think that's what they did for Jenna the one time that she had it.

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I'd take her in. Those were the only symptoms the twins have had for croup in the couple times they've each had it and were always given prednisone for treatment. The treatment helped immediately. They bounced a bit, but their nights were sweet. If you're in doubt your doctor would treat this way, call the nurse for advice. Hope they both feel better soon!