Dear Children. . . .

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Dear Children. . . .

I would never trade motherhood for the life that I had before you were born. I spend every waking moment with you on my mind and whether it be worry or joy, I think of you always. I have made many sacrifices for you, be them financial, career or physical. But you need to know that I need to do some things for me, and if you would please help me in that I would appreciate it. Here is my list of requests and why I would like it to be done.

1.) could you please sleep for at least 8 hours in the night. 4 hours in a row would be awesome and anything more than that would just make your mommy so happy. I forget what I look like without raccoon eyes, and I'm pretty sure I'm not nearly as friendly as I used to be because I'm so tired.

2.) Could you stop catching and passing viruses back and forth. Mommy likes it when you feel well, and it breaks my heart to see you sick. Also stop sharing it with daddy, because my job is much harder if he isn't able to help out.

3.) Please stay healthy long enough for me to get back into some sort of exercise routine. I need that time for lots of reasons, and if you are sick we can't go. And when we go to exercise class can you please not cry the whole time you are in childcare.

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I hope things get better soon!!!!

It sounds like we are going to be getting hit at my house soon. Lexi and Zayne are both coughing a TON. Zayne starts neb treatments tonight, I'm hoping to nip it in the butt.