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DITLO Pictures XP

I did a DITLO- Leah post on the Oct/Nov '10 birthboard and thought I would post it over here if anyone was interested in seeing it. This was done on my last day of mat leave before I had to return to work this past week.

Waking up first thing in the morning.

Hmmmm, where's that kitty cat?

Found her, now I'm happy!

Time for a diaper change, I got a wet bum.

Hehe, I'm naked....well, almost.

All dressed and ready to start my day.

Mommy, I'm starving. Hurry up already!

Yummy! I'm having cereal and mixed fruit.

Finger foods! Now I get to eat some waffle on my own.

All done my breakfast, now I get to play.

Mommy thinks it's time for my morning nap, but I'm telling her otherwise.

Haha, I won the battle and now I'm celebrating climbing onto the couch by myself.

Now it's my turn on the laptop.

Time to snuggle with my blankie, I think I'm getting tired now.

Yep, I needed a nap afterall.

Nap all done and now I have a stinky suprise for mommy!

Ok mommy, I'm ready for some lunch now. Let's eat!

This is some good apple juice!

Sorry mommy, I made another stinky suprise.

Look at me, I'm standing!

Time to practice some walking.

Now it's time to wrestle with daddy and Josh.

All ready to go out for lunch with the family.

Playing in the leaves before we go in the restaurant to eat.

The food is good, but I'm getting tired.

Ahhhh, that's more like it.

Hmmmm, baba time!

I'm all fueled up and ready to cause some trouble.

Come back kitty, I'm want to pull your fur.

Getting ready to have a bath.

Hmmmm, yummy octopus.

Weeee, I'm love playing in the water.

Nice and clean, but it's been a long day.

One more baba and then it's time to call it a day.

Nighty night, now it's time to catch some zzzzzz's. Thanks for spending the day with me Smile

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I don't know why, but that made me tear up! I can't believe how fast are babies are growing! She looks a lot like Josh, but then not. . .if you know what I mean.

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Very Cute....TFS!!!

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TFS Smile

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I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I look at her and she reminds me of Josh so much and other times she looks completely different. This time last year you and I were waiting around very much pregnant and now these little babies are almost 1 year!

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So cute! Hard to imagine our August babies were that size at one time...