Easter Cupcakes

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Easter Cupcakes

Does anyone have any good ideas for Easter Cupcakes? I volunteered to bring 2 dozen to daycare next Thursday for their party but don't have any cute ideas besides making them look like Easter baskets.

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What if you made the top of the cupcake look like a bunny face?

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Everetts birthday was a farm party. I made little chicks with yellow colored coconut, an orange gum drop squished and cut into the shape of a beak and brown mini m&ms, you could probably make bunnies the same way. I would do white icing, then cut a squished pink marshmellow into bunny ears, black vine licorice as wiskers and an mini m&m for nose and eyes.

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After checking out this thread, I think I'm going to make bunny cupcakes for our Easter dinner. We are having family over and I wanted to do something special like that. Yum!

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I love those first chick cupcakes! Now to find white taffy to make the egg shells! Too cute! Glad you brought up those links so I can make them for Easter! Smile