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Eeewwww -ot

Sometimes I wish I didn't love my dog because days like today about do me in. This morning EJ told me the couch was yucky and I looked at it and the dog had puked ON THE COUCH some time during the night. I cleaned it up and wiped it down with a soapy rag but the stuff had marinated on the cushions for who knows how long and it was NASTY! We couldn't get away from the smell. I vacuumed and sprayed febreeze and nothing killed it. I finally took the covers off the cushions and hand sponged them down with a vinegar, baking soda, water, detergent mixture. My hands are killing me. The grossest part is I'm pretty sure I found the smell, the puke got into the zipper part of one of the covers and was pretty stuck in there. I am proud to say I did it without :puke2:. I really hope when everything dries and I put it back together that smell isn't there. The dog has allergies and if he lays on his back he has post nasal drip and about gags, so I'm assuming that happened overnight and ended it yuckiness!

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I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes our lil furbabies are alot more work than they should be.

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MY dogs have been running to the apricot tree every chance they get and so Wyatt got sick from eating too many on Saturday. THANKFULLY it was in the laundry room on the floor and not our couch or something!

I am proud of your for getting it clean without :puke2: because I think I would have!

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Yuck there is nothing worse than yucky smells in your couch...My MIL's cat peed on her couch and I can STILL (12mnths later) smell it every time I sit on it...I move to another seat each time I forget and sit there...I just cant handle the smell...AND SHES DONE EVERYTHING TO THAT CUSHION TO TRY BE RID OF THE SMELL....I wouldve found a new cushion by now...wouldnt be that hard to find one to replace it...especially since FIL is an upholster!!!!!

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Otis decided he had to sleep with me a few days back and he jumped down sometime during the night and threw up ALL OVER my bedroom floor and 3 spots in the living room, seriously ALL over my bedroom. both sides and the end of the bed, in front of Maddisons crib (yea she still LOVES the crib) its stained the living room but some tide stain release will take care of it. I just have to remember to pick some up.