Evyn's 3 yr checkups update...

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Evyn's 3 yr checkups update...

Well we have had MANY doctors appts in the last two weeks! First her Urologist...he said she seems to be doing fine. We are still on antibiotics twice a day to prevent infections, and he will re check her kidneys in 6 months. Next was her eye doc..he said her eyes look perfect and cleared us for a year! Next was the cardiologist, who did an ultrasound on her heart an said it looked PERFECT! He has cleared us for 3 years!!! And finally her pediatrician. She said her overall health looks great, but is a little concerned about her weight. She's 38 in tall and weighs 42 lbs. Which is considered overweight. We did some bloodwork yesterday to check her thyroid, glucose, lipids, and other stuff. It came back today that all of that was fine, but her cholesterol was a little raised, so we will go see a nutritionist next week to try and keep her at a healthy weight.

So all in all we had really good checkups!

On her development, she is doing really well! She knows her ABC's, can count to 17, knows all colors and shapes. However she has developed a stutter recently, but her old speech therapist said that may be due to development and she will probably outgrow it. She still isn't pottytrained yet, but we are working on it.

Okay, sorry that was long! Just wanted to update!

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That sounds like a big bunch of GREAT apts, with fantastic outcomes...Yay for getting cleared for a yr and 3yrs on some!!! Thats awesome...
Thankyou for the update, Ive often wondered how she and you have been getting on...I love it when you pop back here and update us on the first born Sunbeam!!!! Smile

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Glad things are going well, thanks for the update. Savannah has her 3 year appt. on July 26th and i'm sure she's around 42 lbs. too; was 40 last time I took her in for a rash problem. My ped. can be laid back but I'm sure I'll get the "watch the weight" speech.

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oh my, how does a tiny preemie get to be over 100th percentile for weight and height? she is incredibly tall!

do you think that the doc is concerned about her weight because of the bloodwork only? i mean, if a child is so tall, she needs to have some weight on her!

this is coming from a mother who is constantly wondering why her twins are so so so so so skinny and weight what most 15-months old children weigh- i want bloodwork for the opposite reasons!

glad to see that her development in perfect....:)

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The doctor is concerned because of her weight/height ratio. I know she is tall. I'm only 5'1" but her dad is 6'2". So we know she is going to be tall, we just want a healthy weight for her as well. Plus, the change in clothes size is killing me! We are now in mostly 4t and some 5t.

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Happy birthday evyn!!!

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