Extreme Makeover . . .

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Extreme Makeover . . .

. . . has been in my neighborhood all week. Just a couple of blocks away. A woman's son took his own life in the home after severe bullying at school. The mom has become a national advocate for anti-bullying legislation and community action. Apparently, all of her children's bedrooms were on the third floor (she has 3 kids living with her now) and after her son hung himself, none of them would sleep up there (obviously). Her elderly mom lives with her as well. She couldn't sell the house so she was nominated for EMHE and was selected. It's actually a super , 24-hour, loud process, but the family is so deserving - they'll still be here for another week or so doing some finish work and cleaning up.

It's a neighborhood of older, New England homes, so it was nice for them to get a new home that didn't stick out like a sore thumb!!!

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That's the new house??? I LOVE IT! I wish they would do a season of "just anyone" getting new homes ROFL I would love for them to build me a house!

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Yep, that's the new one - there was an empty lot next to it that the city sold to them for $100 so that made all the difference. It's much wider than the older house - and it's two floors instead of 3, but it was soooo exciting to be so close to all the action. Super sweet family too.

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How incredible............ i love watching that show, i always cry lol!! Would be quite the experience to have it just down the street Smile

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How exciting. THere was one done really close to may parents house and they said it was pretty neat!!