Hey ladies....Pleading for help!!!

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Hey ladies....Pleading for help!!!

Ive entered Charlie into a local photo competion, we will win a photo shoot, if he gets the most votes...
Can you PLEASE help me out...Just head along to this page.... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cinderellas-Photography/155203729106
Like the page, then head to this one... http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150225780454107.325568.155203729106
Find Charlie and like him please...most likes wins!!!!...


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Done Smile And just so you know, even though these contests are purely about who can convince the most people to go click on something, you actually have the cutest kid there Wink

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Awwww shucks...Thanks Smile

Did you see the little girl in the shopping trolley? thats my friends little girl, shes pretty gorgeous!!! And my sisters 3 kids are in it too...I think thats the last photo, well it was last time I looked...Her eldest looks alot like Zoe...

And thank you for clicking the button for me...I need alot of clicks to catch one of the photos thats got 45 LIKES!!!!

So please ladies go over there and like Charlie Bear...We need a family protrait!!! And FREE even better!!!

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Done! He is such a doll!

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I did it for you Nat! And I agree your kid is the cutest!