Holy Cow!!

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Holy Cow!!

Never in a millon years did I think I would experience an earthquake living on the east coast!! I've always wanted to know what it felt like....now I do. Really strange. We had tornados yesterday, and earthquake today and a hurricane on it's way this weekend!!! What are you trying to tell us Mother Nature???

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I have a friend that lives in Virginia and she said it was a LOT scarier than she ever imagined it would be!

So glad every one is ok at your house!

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I can't believe it! They said you could feel it in ohio, but I must have been on the move anyway because I didn't notice anything. Glad you are OK, hunker down for the big storm now!

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Gald to hear you're OK! We had one hit MO a few years ago, and it wasn't that big, but still very scary!

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Felt it up in Mass. too - crazy. We were sitting in the office and everyone kind of thought they were imagining something - hopped online and within seconds everyone was talking about it.

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I was at work and did not feel a thing, but DH did at home. I guess the school building I work in must be pretty sturdy, which is a GOOD thing!