Holy Nakedness Batman!

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Holy Nakedness Batman!

OK, please tell me Everett is not the only exhibitionist out there. He comes home and strips. I cannot tell you how many times in the last couple months I had to yell at him to put underwear on. I have a rule against full nudity on my furniture! It hasn't embarassed us yet, but I see it in the future!

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E was into full nakedness for awhile, but he's totally against it now. I have a feeling it will come back when spring rolls around.

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Maddison is only naked at bath time. It's even a struggle to get her shirt off when she has spaghetti. I suppose it's my fault for never letting her be naked when she was tiny..

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Savannah is almost always naked or partially naked at home - her first trip to the bathroom when she comes in from school almost always means her pants and panties will be off until bedtime. If she gets a drop of water on her top or pj's, they come off!

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Both my boys LOVE being naked....I will let them have a run round some nights before bath time with nothing on...and other nights after they have had a bath...its sooo funny seeing both boys with nothing on...as much as they are totally different builds, Liam long and lanky and Charlie is very solid...They still look the same, you can see they came from the same gene pool HAHAHAHA....

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