Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Ours was quiet - just the way I like them!!! Savannah loved her toys, but something is wrong with her Innotab so that's going back. She loves her Belle doll but her favorite seems to be some new chalk and magnetic letters for her easel!! Go figure!

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I had never seen the Innotab. It looks really cool!

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Merry Christmas everyone!!

We also had a great holiday.... boys are spoiled beyond any reasonable belief LOL! We are still tackling piles of toys.. i think it might be time for some donations! Blum 3

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We had a great time as well, Syd was speechless christmas morning!! It was awesome. However it was so very VERY busy and i only got the 2 days off and im exhausted, work last night just about killed me!! BUT watching Syd have so much fun has totally been worth it.

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This Christmas was different to say the least. It didn't feel like Christmas, I didn't do many traditions or really feel the spirit of Christmas. I figure after the last couple years we have had, this was a year to take a break and regroup. Next year will be so much better. Smile The boys loved their toys - Austin his trains and Russ his Ariel and Eric Barbies.

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Get some rest - my sister is an RN and had to work the 24th and 26th; she was a zombie today, but she got to spoil Savannah on Christmas day!