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How do I?

How do I initiate a playdate with a daycare mom?? I work in the same place as her, but we aren't exactly friends although we talk to eachother about work related things about every day. This is the mom who's husband is in jail for raping a 10 year old (still not sure if he's confessed or just being held). I love her little boy and he and EJ get along great.

Clearly, I was not the girl who asked the guys out, lol. I don't know if I'm afraid she'll say he can't come play, or if I'm really not prepared for two toddlers playing at my house amongst the normal chaos that we already have.

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Since you guys already talk to eachother at work, maybe you can (like right before ending the conversation) just say, "Hey I was wondring if little Johnny would want to come over and play with EJ on Saturday."

Funny thing is, I had no problem talking to guys in school or at the bars but I have a REALLY hard time talking to other women. I would love to do a playdate for Lexi but am too scared. SO, I can give the advice but wouldn't follow it myself! ROFL

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What about asking her via email.. that way she has a moment or 2 to thing about it.

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Megan - I'm alot like you. Smile I was the one that hit on DH afterall.

Since DH left I've really just balls'd up about talking to dc moms about playdates. I suggested it with the mom of a little girl in Russ' class, she agreed. But then it never seemed to go anywhere until I ran into her again and she said we need to get them together. So this week we exchanged numbers. Did the same thing with teh mom of a little boy in Austin's class. We don't run into each other enough to set up anything but I did invite him to Austin's bday. Unfortuantely they can't make it but said they plan on inviting us to their little boy's bday. So really I think you just have to act. Worse thing that can happen is she says no.