Kissing Issues

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Kissing Issues

Ok ladies we had a little "incident" last night. When DH got home from work Lexi gave him a kiss as usual but this time tried to slip him the tongue. YEAH! SO, we asked her where she learned that from and she said "T do it at daycare" I got on the phone and called daycare and told her what had happened. She said it would be out of character for T but that she would talk to him (he's 5).

Well this morning I get a voice mail at work saying that she talked to both T and Lexi and that T looked at her like she was crazy and said "GROSS" when she asked him about kissing Lexi. Then Amy talked to Lexi and asked her if she kisses anyone with her tongue Lexi smiled and said, "Yes my daddy" (well duh she did it last night) then Amy asked her who taught her that and Lexi said, "Daddy, the doctor, and Zayne" (obviously a story)

So now I don't know what to do. I mean I'll talk to Lexi tonight about why we don't kiss people with our tongues but where did this come from? I guess it could be TV (since people practically have sex in some commercials anymore) but we try to be careful about what we watch with the kids in the room.

Anyways, any and all suggestions on how to handle the situation are greatly appreciated. I'm kind of at a loss as to how this all happened. (Normal 3 year old curiousity?) Anyways, thanks in advance ladies!

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TV is the culprit here - not so much tongue but she definitely tries to mimic what she sees - I've learned questioning 3 year olds is basically useless!!

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I would just tell her, just like you would tell her about iinappropriate touching, there are some people it's OK to kiss (family) and other people that it's not OK to kiss (friends). Then demonstrate, "this is how we are supposed to kiss our family."

Everett and I do the kiss and blow into eachothers mouth as hard as we can. . .. so we are a horrible example.

I honestly think it's nothing sexual for her, it's just her messing around.