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Everett cannot say his L's and it's usually entertaining to hear him talk when L's are involved because they are replaced with a W.

Yesterday in the car I promised him we would get a new toy if he was good in a resturant and he went nuts.
EJ- Maybe we can find a Buzz. I bet we can find a wittle one. Do you think we'ww find a wittle one? I hope we can find a wittle one. (by this point my mom and I were in tears and he noticed we weren't responding to him and we got) ARE YOU WISTENING TO ME?? ARE! YOU! WISTENING??? It's days like this when I wish we never got our L sound lol (or should it be wow -waff out woud)

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Liam cant say C/K's he says T's.....so its Tat, Tite.....

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I've noticed that Lexi has a hard time with her 'S' sound and 'R'