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DF didn't cook much when he had his kids. They would order pizza, do frozen pizza, hb helper or tacos and would eat at McDonalds way more than I would like to. Now that he is supporting us and we have 7 mouths to feed we rarely eat out and I cook every meal. We make the kids eat whether they like it or not.

Of course I've heard nothing but "i dont like this" and "this is nasty" since I moved here. My boys have gotten used to the "you eat what I make" so much so that Russ will thank me for all meals and tell me how good they are. I talked to DF about how its all wearing on me (ive been way too emotional lately). He said they don't like anything and were like that with him too.

Saturday night Russ was the only one to eat and get dessert. Of course he made a point of telling them that all night and the rest of the wknd but they didnt seem to care.

Yesterday for lunch I made PB&J and bananas. One didn't like PB and another complained about the banana. I finally asked DF wth his x feeds them if they don't like anything I make. He doesn't know but said they don't eat mac and cheese either.

When they were complaining about lunch and all the meals being nasty, he did back me up and tell them that no one cared about their opinion and they were going to eat what ever was made.

I'm against being a short order cook and am not willing to give up balanced meals to please any of them. How do you handle picky eaters?

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I would say "This is what we're having, deal with it", if they're hungry they'll eat. One thing you could do to give them choices without becoming a short order cook would be to say "for fruit you can have apples or oranges" I think if you offer choices whenever you can it'll give the kids a sense of "power" without really giving them any power.

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That's a tough one for me b/c I wish I could tell her to eat what I make or eat nothing, but I'm a pushover!! If she doesn't eat dinner, I'll offer her a PBJ or something, but it's just her and I most nights; with a large family, you can't please everyone and kids definitely do it to push limits and your buttons.We were definitely on a pizza/McDonalds kick and I had to cut that back to once or twice a month, not weekly or even more often sometimes.

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What about having the kids "help" you make the meals ? Joshua can be a picky eater but if I let him "help" me make dinner he is willing to at least try what he has made.

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Being a stay at home mom my lunches have evolved into "short order cook" but dinners are one meal that we all eat.

I know many of my meals won't be eaten entirely by my 3yo so I try to have 1-2 things I know he will eat without fighting. One example is when we make Chicken Fettuccine with Alfredo sauce. He says he only wants the chicken so I give him a small portion of the noodles and lots of chicken (all of it is covered in the Alfredo). I know one of these days he'll come around and eat the noodles since one of his favorite dishes is spaghetti. LOL It's a control thing. I will also make a bread and butter with some dinners so I know he ate something.
With all dinners I make a mini veggie tray (carrots, cuccumber, celery/peanut butter, pea pods, cauliflower, etc.) so the kids can choose their veggie. At a minimum they have to eat their age in veggies (3yo = 3 veggies, 5yo=5 veggies).

Good luck. It sounds like his kids are quite picky so I hope you are able to change their minds about food. :bigarmhug:

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Looks like we might have gotten through to DSS1. Last night he ate all his dinner without a complaint, helped finish his brothers dinner and helped clean up the table. So we rewarded him with dessert. It really seemed like we had a different child last night.

DSD and DSS2 on the other hand were a different story. DSS2 refused to eat anything, wouldnt even open his mouth when DF tried helping him eat. So he was sent to bed. DSD did eat some though. I know it will be hard since they have two sets of rules but we are going to stick with it.

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I ask Everett to eat several bites of whatever I make, he doesn't get any desserts or treats if he doesn't eat what I give him for dinner. I also try to give them something on their plate that I know they like.

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I think we are finally getting a handle on this. DSS1 has actually said he likes the meals lately and has gotten the other two to follow suit. Guess he realized that it didn't matter how much he complained it wasn't going to change things. He probably also got tired of never getting dessert.