Mega Millions

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Mega Millions

I think we've had this post, or something similar before...

DH and I were talking last night about what we would do if we won the Mega Millions lottery currently estimated at over $500 million. We would give money to friends and family so they could live comfortably, donate money to our church, create a no kill animal shelter. We would both quit our jobs and do something we really enjoyed. And of course, put some in a Swiss bank account Biggrin

What would you do?

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Build a nice house on a big woods property. Hire a housekeeper (at least once a week), buy DH a new car, savings for the boys college and retirement, then help out family.

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Pay off all our debt, build our dream house, college funds for all 5 kids, help family, donate to our churches, more animals (horses, cows, etc), retirement.

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Build our dream home out at the coast...STOP WORKING...have our own little farmlette to keep us occupied, some cows and calves, sheep, few pigs and some chickens...
Set up school funds for all the kids...
Help out family and friends...
Oh and a holiday of course....Maybe to come visit you lot!!!! Smile
AND LETS NOT FORGET OUR NEW CARS!!!!.....I will get my V8 Holden commodore...Andy will get his Big Chevy Pick up he dreams of....And we will also get our classic car we both want too, 1970 V8 Holden...

Ahhhh just as well dreams are free aye HAHAHAHA....

Oh I just about forgot the most important thing....MY WEDDING!!!!.....