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do you have a nickname for your kid(s)??? Is it on purpose or did it just come to be?

We call Everett 1.) EJ when I'm typing about him, but not to his face, 2.) Mr. Grumpypants is his longtime name, and 3.) Rebbit. . .because for about a year that's what he's called himself. He always says "I'm not Rebbit, I'm Reberett" It's cute!

Dalton is 1.) squirt, 2.) buddy, and 3.) baby brother

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Russell is Russ, Bud and DH calls him homie. Austin is Austin Scott or Tank or Tanky.

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Adam is tinkies...
I used to call him wrinklies because he got really wrinkly in the face when he cried.
So I used to sing him this song
Skidamarink a dinka dink.
Skidamarink a doo.
I love you.
Wrinklies became Dinkies then tinkies...
I have nicknames for all my kids..
Riley is my oldest he was spud
Now I call him Ri-Ri
Ryan is Gee Gee or Geeburg (his middle name is lee-Gee Rhymes with Lee)
Julia is Missy or

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Liam, is Leman, when he says it, it sounds like Lemon...he "was" also always little dude...which has now turn into big boy with Charlie here...God help us if we call Charlie big boy, Liam says "hes not big boy, IM BIG BOY
Dont know where Leman came from it just happened...Little dude comes from his hair when he looked like a little surfer dude, when he was a baby...Big boy, well thats jsut what he is now...

Charlie, is Charlie Bear, thats my main nickname for him and Chuckles is SO main nick name for him...Liam calls him by both...Hmmm I also call him cheeky chops and NOW THIS ONES RANDOM, I call him my little studebaker, dont ask me why???
Charlie Bear just rolls off the tongue, Chuckles is because of his laugh (and he used to chuck everywhere) Cheeky chops because he is super cheeky...

Zoe, is Zobi always has been and always will be to me I think...When she was little she was also poppet and Zobi-one-kanobi...She also gets Zoes from MIL and the inlaw family...
And Zoes just reasons that come to mind...

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Jenna is usually just Pooh, but sometimes Jenna-Pooh, Baby Pooh , or Pooh Bear. I think I just started saying that when she was little because I love Pooh so much, and it kinda stuck. I sometimes just call her Baby as well.

The only thing I ever really call Braden is Buddy.

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Sydney is Goober since birth lol, dunno why but thats what i called her from the minute i met her. As she has gotten older and talking more we call her nin-ee bon. because her name is Sydney Braun and sounds like nin-ee bon when she says it. Its funny she will call her friend Sydney, sydney but when you ask her what her name is its Ninn-ee liek the S doesnt exist anymore. wierd kiddo haha depending on my mood she is also cupcake princess and baby

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August's nicknames:
Bubba ganish I'm tired of dis
Putney Swope (when he was a baby and was pissed off it was said with a slur IDK)
The Tornado
Monkey Pants

Little Boots
Boots (August calls him this)
Angel (baby)
Sweet Muffin
Max Grey Private Eye

Max will get more as he gets older for sure Smile

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I've been computerless all weekend! Here we go...

Alexandrea's nicknames

Lexi (duh Lol
Baby Girl
Lexi Lou-Who

Zayne's Nicknames-

Monkey (I call him this ALL THE TIME)
Monkey Man
Baby Bee

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Joshua's nicknames:
Joshy (MIL/FIL)
Josh"u" My family

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The only nickname we have for Ethan is E. We called him Little Man and Munchkin when he was a baby, but since he started talking more, all we call him is Ethan or E. He gets really made if we don't say Ethan when we're talking directly to him.

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I actually started to reconsider calling my kids by nicknames when I talked to a man who everyone calls Bear...but his name is Theodore. He said that his parents called him Teddy then Teddy Bear and then eventually Bear and now EVERYONE calls him Bear...and he has not done anything to stop it :). I just thought how strange it would be if everyone called Max ...Boots. I think I would hate that. LOL.