Not sure what to do anymore....

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Not sure what to do anymore....

For the past 3 ish weeks Joshua has been giving us a really hard time going to bed, so we moved his bed time to a half hour/ hour later to see if that would help. At first it did, but now he is back to give us a hard time and he is also back to not sleep through the night. Anyone else dealing with a kid that just wont go to bed or stay in bed. I don't know how much more I/ we can take. I/we normally use the time between him going to bed and us going to bed to get ready for the next day/ and take care of things around the house. But, b/c he is not sleeping crap isn't getting done.. which is also isn't helping. Any ideas of what we can do.

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Everett has been a PERFECT go to bed kid since he was about a year old. He's been giving us a hard time for about a month. We've stuck to our guns on bedtime but have had to discipline him more about getting out of bed. He is allowed to have toys/books in bed with him but he is not allowed to get out of bed. The rule is if he gets out of bed then he gets a spanking. He got 3 spankings and we haven't had any issues since. I know some people aren't fans of spanking, but it seems to be working for us so it's what we are doing. I'm certainly not hurting him, but it's enough to get his attention.

So. . .if you aren't the spanking type, but can think of something else that is "the punishment" for not staying in bed and stick with it.

When he would get out of bed, I also took all his toys away. He wasn't allowed to play if he was out of bed. Everything he picked up I put away where he couldn't reach it. Eventually he would head back to bed.

It's very frustrating, but I take it that he's just testing boundaries and trying to control the situation.

Naps are another story in this house though.

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Thanks Amy.. Glad to hear that we aren't the only ones dealing with this.

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We too are having bedtime issues. Josh never really gave us an issue when it came to bedtime, but the last few weeks he's become difficult. He doesn't want to sleep in his bed, he's scared, he wants to sleep in our bed, leaving his door open etc...We had a few rough nights lately, but I "think" things are improving. He if puts up a huge fuss then he's trains in his room are taken away. I also try to promise him something fun the next day that he can look forward to. So far it seems to be helping. Good luck!

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I get "I don't like my bed, it's scary" He has never slept in our bed, but he asks for that too. Very odd!

I wonder if part of the problem is that it's still light outside at bedtime?

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I thought that it being light outside was the issue thats why we moved his bedtime to 830/9 that worked for about a week.

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Russ has been giving me issues too especially since I'm no longer caving and letting him sleep with me. I get "I don't like my room" and "I don't like my bed" all the time. Some nights I want to pull my hair out but consistency has been key for us, and spankings or the threat of them. He has started telling me he doesnt want to go to sleep yet. I tell him he doesnt have to, he can sit in his bed and read but he can not get up. Usually with in 15 min (on a good night) he is sound asleep.

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We are in the same boat. Amy I really like your idea, get out of bed and get a spanking. Lexi has once again returned to our bed. The past two weeks we haven't faught her because it's been late when we get home and DH and I want to get to sleep as well. I think a big part of it is the light but even when it's dark she refuses to go to her bed. I think I"m going to get a night light and use Amy's spanking idea so I can get my bed back.

TMI but last night was DH's birthday and I wanted to give him a special present :lovebed: but couldn't because Lexi refused to sleep in her own bed.

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Megan- Joshua has also returned to our bed and I am just so tired I dont fight it either anymore.. I would love to end it but he wakes up between 5 and 530 on weekends b/c thats what time he gets up during the week, if we stop him from sleeping in our bed we will lose him sleeping until 830-9 ish.

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we are in the same boat too...... Syd has been the absolute best sleeper since she was a baby!! All of the sudden its, i need to pee, i need a drink, im scared, theres a monster, this toy needs fixed, i want to cuddle daddy...... anything you can think of to get out of bed! Driving me NUTS!!!

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Maybe it's a toddler thing... Why don't they understand how awesome sleep is.. What I wouldn't give to take a nap during the day. LOL

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Sorry I will break the trend...Liams always been a great sleeper and still is...

We dropped his afternoon naps a month back with starting afternoon kindy it was just impossible to get him to took a couple of weeks to get him to the point he is now, of not falling asleep at 5.30, just as I was dishing up dinner...
He now asks to go to bed at 7pm so hes in bed anywhere between 7.30-8pm...and sleeps till 7am give or take 30 mins....
We have no problem putting him to bed, brushes his teeth, goes toilet, has a story read to him (some nights he doesnt even want that he so tired) and hes out within mins...
Liam has never got out of his bed...He has done the, I need a drink, I need to go toilet tricks for about a week, but that was it...

Sorry I cant be of any help, I just hope you all get your good sleeping children back soon...

In fact Im super lucky, Zoe goes to bed at 8.30 with no problems and is asleep in mins, wakes up at 7am...Charlie goes to bed at 8-8.30pm no crying, nothing and we dont hear a peep out of him till 7.30-8am....


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Adam is a bear to get to sleep....he only has rest time in the afternoon(where he lays in bed watching his little shows) so by 730-8pm he will actually go to sleep right away...if he naps for even 10 mins her is wide awake untill 11pm no matter will have to put him in bed 8500000 times and he still gets up!!!! Sometimes I go to sleep before he does and DH has to keep it up....

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August goes to bed at 7pm and is typically ready. He needs everything just so (his dog, Buzz, Woody, Bullseye, sippy) then DH sings & talks to him which after trying many things seems to be the one thing he really wants. Then if he's not ready to go night night we just let him play in his room but he can't come out. We always check up on him after he's fallen asleep to make sure he's comfortably in his bed with a cover on. And thats it. If he's at home he naps at least 2 hours (lately 3) in the afternoon, but at school he's less consistent mostly because of the environment and lets face it his room and bed are so comfy.

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we have had some issues here. He likes to play outside if it is nice, so he does stay out there a little longer if we are out. It does not get dark here until like 930p, which is another issue. He does try to use excuses like "I have to go pee-pee, I need water, I like your bed better etc". My goal is to be laying in bed by 830pm. When it is DHs turn to put him to bed and do bath, they run around and wrestle, etc. so he is all wound up!!! But, that is DHs issue Smile I have been getting on him lately since some days he is not in bed until like 930-10pm :mad: We read book and do puzzles to wind down when it is my turn!

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Robin, my DH does the SAME thing! I'm always like, hello, we are SETTLING DOWN for bed, not the opposite!

I am one of the lucky ones in that Sophia never gets out of bed. Even if she is wide awake or doesn't want to sleep, she will lay in bed and sing at the top of her lungs or talk to her dolls until she gets tired. (sometimes it takes an hour for her to get to sleep, but at least she stays in her bed and entertains herself) She has tried to get us to leave the door open recently, but we don't because then it takes her even longer to fall asleep. She has a lighthouse that provides a decent amount of light, and I think that keeps her from being scared because she doesn't like to go in her room if all the lights are off but is just fine with the lighthouse on. She has not slept in our bed since she was a baby, not even for naps. Now I just need to get her little sister out of my room Wink