Oh hey there!

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Oh hey there!

Hi Ladies! I havent been on here in forever and it has been so fun to see how big everyone has gotten! AND how many of you have other sweet babies!!

Little Lola is doing great! Totally wild and feisty, loves to sing and dance. We mastered the potty and moved in a big bed beginning of summer. It was crazy to read the post about 3 yr check ups, Lo is still in 2t some 3t sometimes and size 8 shoes! she really is a little peanut..

Just wanted to say HI!!
And here she is!

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Hi - glad to hear things are well - she is absolutely beautiful!!!

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Lola has grown up so much...she is such a cutie...I think she looks like her daddy a bit doesnt she Smile

So glad you found some time to pop in and say hi, I know you are super busy with your photography now!!!

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Hi! thanks for the update! I LOVE seeing your pictures!