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Our Babies

I was thinking that seeing our little Sunbeams are in the midst of turning 3, we should share some updates. I was thinking of doing a 12 month collage of the past year with a little update. Anybody else interested in doing this?

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I'm saving my spot for it!!! This is a great idea!

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Cool, me too! I'll probably be able to get around to this next week.

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YES YES YES!!!!!!.....................whew glad I got that off my chest!!!!....I read it when you posted it Lindsey but could reply and I was just about bursting at the seams!!!! HAHAHA

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Ok ladies, I've started a new thread "Happy Birthday Sunbeams". Post your updates of the past year there. I look forward to seeing all the pictures and updates!

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i've got a running scrapblog for the pics i just gotta put the finishing touches on it, of course that's only year 1 haha

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Here is Adam's slideshow...its dino's because he loves dino's!!!