Our surprise has been ruined!!! :o(

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Our surprise has been ruined!!! :o(

Im soooo bummed out...When we were in trying on rings last Saturday, a friend of ours who MIL introduced us to...he walked past and waved out at me, I waved back, keeping as calm looking as possible so he wouldnt get any ideas...

BUT NOOOOOO, he ran home and told his wife who promptly told MIL on Monday at work!!!...
So yesterday MIL and I were in town and she hit me up about it, it caught me so off guard that I stumbled and she knew straight away that we were ring hunting...I now know there are so many things I couldve said to cover up...I mean a woman in a jewellery shop, thats pretty normal, is it not????
But Im no good at lying and she spotted it a mile away...

Im sooooo pi$$ed tho, that this guy just couldnt keep his mouth shut and had to spill the beans...Now the surprise is all gone!!!! Ive not told Andy, cos he would be very angry and MIL has said she will say nothing...BUT WHAT A HUGE DOWNER!!!!!

Oh well at least we can still surprise my mum and dad aye...

Just so angry...Why cant people keep their nose's out of other peoples business!!! GGRRRR

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Awe.... that sucks, BUT think of all the people you will still be able to surprise Smile

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That stinks Nat! I hate when people can't keep their mouths shut! Especially since if I am actually able to KEEP a secret from anyone I don't want it blown by others! I can never keep secrets...like DH's dog for Christmas...I blew that one about 3 weeks before Christmas.

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Nat I used to live in the jewelry stores before I got engaged to Chris. I am found there quite often now when I go out because I love to have them throw my rings in the cleaner to make them sparkle (most places will do it for free!) Sorry the surprise is ruined. Hopefully she will keep her trap shut so you can surprise everybody else.

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I'm so happy for you guys though :)...I can't wait for all of the wedding planning posts!!!