Pics, Pics, and More Pics!

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Pics, Pics, and More Pics!

Zayne in the car

Mommy and Zayne

Lexi making cornbread

Lexi and Daddy

Pics from the wedding Last Weekend




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so cute. . .I can't believe how grown up Lexi looks!

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Such a cute family! Thanks for sharing.

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very cute!

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so cute.... syd has the same hoodie from childrens place! I am jealouse to see Zayne in his carseat in a t shirt, we are still in full winter gear here, cant even put on a heavy spring coat yet Sad I love the wedding pics. we were just saying the other day that we needed a wedding to go to so that we could have the cute toddler dancing around..... syd will be too old soon to be the cute attentions stealer, hahahaha!!!!
I love the dress you have her in.............. cute Kiddo's Megan

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Cute pics Megan!