Poem......Forever in your heart...

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Poem......Forever in your heart...

I dont know how many of you saw my post last week on FB....But this was a poem we (PORSE home educators) recieved with our bright oragne gerberas for becoming approved educators...
Its such a beautiful poem, I just have to share...


Although you are not their mother
You care for them each day
You cuddle, sing and read to them and watch them as they play.

You see each new accomplishment and help them grow and learn
You understand their language and you listen with concern
They come to you for comfort and you kiss away the tears
They proudly show their work to you, you give the loudest cheers.

No, you're not their mother but your role is just as strong
you nurture them and keep them safe, though maybe not for long
You know someday the time may come when you will have to part
But you know each child you have cared for is FOREVER in your heart.

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Great Poem... I gave poem framed with a picture of Joshua to his DC teachers from his first room. Now Maya has the same teachers.. trying to come up with something along the same lines for Maya's teachers.