Potty help please, plus a few pics.

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Potty help please, plus a few pics.

Ladies, I am at a loss, this girl wont go stinky on the potty no matter what! pullups are gone, i've tried bribing her, sitting in the bathroom with her and chatting, and now punishment. she goes in her pants every day at quiet time and yesterday she did it 3 times.... the reward chart didnt work either. it's frustrating! Help!!

Since I have been away from here for a while here are some pics of Maddison

Sleeping in her own room

her long long hair


snuggling with mister huge cat Ralphie

and just being her pretty self

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I don't have any advice...

She looks so grown up and has beautiful hair! What a cutie!

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Is she ever in play group or daycare. I remember you were a SAHM, not sure if that's changed but sometimes peers can do what we can't. She is absolutely adorable though; still looks like her baby pics!

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I don't have great advice. Everett had trouble with poop in general and would hold it until it hurt and he became constipated. We used chocolate/ Candy as his reward for pooping every day. Now he doesn't get rewarded but he does get cued to go every evening before bed. I swear he's trained like a dog to poop on command. If bribery doesn't work I'm not sure what to suggest, most kids can be bought for a certain price. Good luck!

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now that i can log in again.. STILL no stinky in the potty. i've upped the bribe to a pet fish, nothing.. I dont know what to do at all. maybe when she starts daycare next month (opted for daycare over pre k this year as we may be moving in a few months) she'll maybe get motivated then.. *sigh* i just dont know what to do at all. ive tried acting really sad when she goes in her pants but nada....