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potty training

Hi, I wrote a whole post and it disappeared before I hit post Sad

Anyway, Gabriel was 3 in september and has on and off interest in training. I was thinking about just having him go every 2 hours today to make it routine because he is a VERY routined boy. Not really reacting to "prizes" for going ...

Any thoughts?

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I PT Everett at 18mo-2 years and he did it for suckers, chocolate, cookies. Treasures didn't do it.

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Every two hours may not be enough - put him in underwear and take him more often in the beginning - at 3 you have the benefit of language over kids that are trained earlier. Once you know his patterns, take him accordingly. My daughter was trained early and wasn't really talking (she's still not much of a talker) but my view is the training is more adult initiated than from the child. Training is just that, repetition and left to their own devices, I don't think most kids will just train themselves; some do, but that's the exception. I wasn't big on rewards but you have to do what works. My sister used gummy lifesavers, stickers, etc. Good luck!!!

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Maddison is just not interested in PT at all. We were on track more or less in february, but once daddy left for Korea she stopped using the potty all together. She can be dry in panties for hours but then she'll soak through 4 pairs in 30 minutes and just doesnt care that she is wet. We got a pack of pull ups that had a DVD for potty training success and a little watch/timer she can wear, she loves the watch and will be super excited when it goes off "TIME GO PEE PEE POTTY" and she takes off to the bathroom but wont pee, i'm hoping she'll catch on soon.