potty training

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potty training

Hey there! I was on the September boards awhile back and pop in every now and again. Anyone still working on potty training? My son is 3 1/2 and is NOT interested. Dr says don't push it; it'll come. But he holds it and holds it, and then when he finally does go, he pees through everything. Nothing seems to motivate him. Any ideas? I even tried they "just take him out of diapers and let him pee if he has to and he will just hate being wet." doesn't work Sad

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I will probably be of no help, but I guess I'm just old and old fashioned b/c I believe that potty training is just that "training" and it doesn't just happen when they are ready and completely on their own terms. It takes repetition, mistakes, success and you get there. My daughter was trained at 18 months, occassional accidents but they can get it if you set them up for success. If my pediatrician told me to do it on her time, I'd make her buy the diapers! Good luck!