potty update and a question...please

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potty update and a question...please

all righty girls, day 4 of potty training has ended. i am trying twins, keep in mind! so much work- i am glad that we have a lot of underpants available!

1. eric (darker hair boy) is completely day-trained. he has not had a single accident since day 2. he tells me when he needs to go, is very reliable with it. clearly he was ready for this.
2. patrick has accidents so what i have to do with him is put him on the potty every hour when we are at home. then we are ok..so with him, i have to remind him still.
3. i've been brave since day 2 and have gone to the stores. i simply take a little potty and we go potty before we go in and after we come out. having a minivan really helps-so much space for all of us. no accidents on any outings.

i am doing it cold-turkey like most of you suggested. we use pull-ups for naps and bedtime and that's it.

BUT! either boy tells me when it's time to poo-poo. they will just go, although they look at me if i am in the room because they know that it's a no-no. however, they are afraid to go #2, it seems, in the potty. i read that it's normal and this takes longer..but why? and what do i do about it? any great tips from you ladies?

thanks for letting me update you and thanks again for the advise!!!!!

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It sounds like Jenna is pretty much where Patrick is. I have to put her on regularly to avoid accidents, but as long as I do that she does pretty good. She also has yet to poop in the potty. With Braden, I'd say it took a good month between when he was completely potty trained with peeing to start pooping in the potty. I just explained to him that he had to try to squeeze the poop out, and eventually he did it one day. Once he did it once, he was okay doing it all the time.

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We never had that issue but lots of kids go through it - my Goddaughter would always run behind the sofa. My nephew had issues too but he also had constipation issues. With Savannah I tried not to say "go potty" but tried to say "go pee" or "go poop" and she didn't connect the word potty with just peeing. Not sure if that made a difference but she never had a problem doing either in the potty chair or toilet.

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YAYit sounds like you are doing GREAT!!!!....When I was nannying twins one (the girl) picked it up much faster than the boy...
Way to go on the cold turkey thing...I truly believe its the fastest way to do it...
And yip we had the poo thing...Liam took ALONG time to get the poo thing sorted...He used to go hide when he was about to poop...that was generally our sign to get him to the toilet...if it went silent and Liam had vanished, we would pretty much always find him behind the couch or in the kitchen, or if outside behind the shed...
This is when I introduced the bribe, cos I didnt see the end of the tunnel...it started with if you can tell me he needed to and do poo's on the toilet he got a teeny tiny piece of chocolate (And I mean teeny tiny, cos I dont share my chocolate, with anyone!! HAHAHA)
Then once we had that sorted, it changed to if you can go to the toilet on your own and do poo's...then it was a whole day without an accident....
Then the bribe came back into play to get him to do everything by himself, pants off, toilet and re-dress etc...I also used to play a timing game to get him to do it ALL on his own..."Liam I will time you to see how fast you can get your pants off"..."I will time you to see how fast you can get to the toilet" etc...

Sounds like you are doing really well tho...WELL DONE!!! Smile

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thanks, ladies! we'll just keep trying and trying...:)

and yes, i do say "go pee-pee" or "go poo-poo" instead of the 'potty" to make it clear for them....yep..but hey, today is only day 5...


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great! It took stephen about a week to do the poop thing! Someone told me that some kids think that when they poo that they are losing something from their bodies, which is what scares them. Not sure if that is true!! You sound like you are doing great!

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I'm sorry I don't have any advice on the poo thing because, oddly enough, Sophia poo'd in the potty before she peed. But, it sounds like the boys are doing GREAT!! Keep up the good work, and I bet in no time they'll have the poo thing sorted out. I think they just need to do it once and see how easy it is Smile

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thanks again, girls...appreciate the encouragement! one thing for sure: not going back to diapers! oh, and the second thing for sure: we have to get good by preschool!