QOTD Friday May 27

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QOTD Friday May 27

Do you have plans for the long weekend? (Ok i know it's not a long weekend for everyone so do you have weekend plans in general?)

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On Sunday Braden and Jenna will be sleeping over at Grandma's house and we will be driving down to Virginia to visit some friends. We have a friend visiting there from California as well, so it should be fun! I'm so excited to hang out with other adults Lol We're coming back Monday and will be doing some sort of cookout at the in-laws' house I'm sure.

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DH and I met my parents last night, and E is spending the entire long weekend with grandma and grandpa! DH and I are having date night tonight (Cheesecake Factory and Thor). Tomorrow, we're doing some projects around the house that can't be done with E there. Sunday, I think we're going to a friend's house for a bbq, then Monday we'll go pick up E. Packed weekend!

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A couple of graduation picnics to go to and taking Savannah and a neighbor's kid to Lowes for their Kids Craft project - a little plane, should be interesting.

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Spending the long weekend at my parents Smile Not sure of what is in store for us. I'm sure a cook out, BMX bike racing and maybe relaxing in a pool.

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I'm in health care so technically I never get a long weekend. I am going to my sisters house tomorrow. She's a brave woman hosting all of my dad's side of the family (aunts, uncles and cousins)

Sunday I am going in to work for as few hours as I can get away with. It's just me and my boss so it should go fast. We make a great team.

Monday we will probably go to the services and then go to the local festival in town.

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We are probably going to have a low key weekend. Monday I'm supposed to take the boys over to the ILs. I could careless about going but think they should see their cousins. Then we have been invited to a friends for a BBQ. We will prob spend more time over there. Other than that just the normal stuff clean, laundry, yard work.

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No long weekend here obviously...

This weekend has been different for us...My father is a rally driver and he is being the lead car in Rally Wairarapa (thats my provence) Its one of the legs in Rally New Zealand, so all the top drivers are here...
We were Dads service crew...HAHAHA...Me, SO, Zoe and Liam...Poor dad Smile Doesnt really mean much as my dad is a mechanic so he does all his own work anyway, but he needed someone to drive his ute out to the service area for the 8 stages on Saturday and the 7 stages on Sunday, with his spare tyres etc etc....
So we did that yesterday, Liam spewed everywhere on the way there, FUN FUN...it was just over an hr of very windy roads to get there Sad so Zoe and I werent too flash either (we all get car sick)
Saw heaps of cars, had lots of down time in between stages...so alot of waiting round...lucky the little country area we were in had a FEW things to play on...not much tho...
SO has taken Liam with him today to a small town just 20mins north of us today and they will get to see the cars racing this time and there is also alot more to do there...So they will have a better day today...
Me, Zoe and Charlie are just hanging at home, prob going to make some scones to go with the soup I made for dinner...Might go out for a walk cos its a BEAUTIFUL day again today...still a bit nippy but the sun is shining bright...