QOTD Thursday May 26

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QOTD Thursday May 26

What would you do if you won the lottery? $120,000

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Pay off a couple loan.. from College and cars and then take a great family vacation. If there is any $$ left I would put it away for Joshua and baby m's College education.

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The first thing I'd do is start savings funds for the kids. Then we'd get a new house. I would put money in a CD for a European vacation when the kids are older and would spend money on a Disney vacation soon. Then I'd spend a little on new clothes and a spa day. Whatever's left (if there is any) would just go to savings for a rainy day.

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Hmmmm, a $120K winning is about $70K in actual cash so I would probably pay off a couple of bills, take a trip and maybe a new car.

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pay off the mortgage!!!!

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Pay off all my debt except the house. Savings accounts for the boys. Vacation fund.

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$120,000 wouldn't even pay off our mortgage, but I'd put it towards our mortgage, then re-fi so I could make lower payments and put more into a college fund for E.

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hire a house keeper Smile that should keep one for a long time

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Put a down payment on a new house, then save the rest to help with paying 2 mortgages until this one sells!

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"AmyJo86268" wrote:

hire a house keeper Smile that should keep one for a long time

that's a good one

I would probably pay back the student loans we took out for Blair's school. Pay for preschool & childcare for August & Max for next year and put the rest in savings until Blair is done with school and has a job. If we don't need to spend any of it than we are planning a vacation in Europe.

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Ummm $120,000 altho its alot...its not much IYKWIM...it wouldnt even pay off the mortgage...so we would prob put half onto the mortgage (that would 1/2 our repayments YAY!!!) use some to finsh off the house and yard...
Buy SO a new used Ute...to replace the beaten up one he drives now...
Save anything left...if any...But just lowering our mortgage repayments would be GREAT!!!