QOTD- Tuesday May 24

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QOTD- Tuesday May 24

It's raining here today so...

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

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Relax and watch movies probably.

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Lay in bed and read a book

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On the couch with my favorite blanket watching chick flicks and yummy snacks.

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I'm the odd one out. Rainy days are perfect for pulling weeds especially the huge ones that take over my yard. My fave thing to do is to keep the window open to hear the rain and just relax.

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I like to watch a good rain storm but probably tend to just hang around the house, do laundry, surf the web if I'm home and it's raining.

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if it's a cold rain I drink hot chocolate and curl up under a blanket, warm rain I go on about my business.

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Yep. cold rain i like coffee & a treat or hot tea. Warm rain (like today) I go shopping! lol