question of the weekend may 21st and 22nd

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question of the weekend may 21st and 22nd

What is your favorite vacation you have been on so far ? Post pictures if you have them!

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I have no digital pictures, but my favorite vacation I went on as a single person was Alaska with my aunt, uncle, cousin and pappaw. We did it the expensive way but didn't leave anything out, helikiking (helicopter drops you off in the tundra then you hike 3 hours and they come and pick you up), white water rafting, horseback riding, kyaking in the berring sea. . .it was truley amazing.

As a family Hilton Head was probably my favorite. Everett loved the ocean/ and giant sand box.

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Definitely Disney World! I'm so Disney obessesed. I don't have the time write now to post any pictures, but they're on my Facebook Smile

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DH and I went to Ireland for our 5th anniversary (4 yrs ago!) It was so green, lush, Guinness was SOOO tasty and the people were very friendly! Good times!

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Definitely the trip to St. Thomas in 2009 - it was divine!!! Been on a couple of cruises since then but they were too short to be as relaxing.

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As a family our camping trip to the Black Hills was so fun and is going to be repeated in a couple of years.

As a college kid I backpacked around Europe after having a theater class in London for a month and a poetry class in Ireland for a month that whole experience was awesome. Also, the semester in China is up there but that wasn't technically a vacation I guess.

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By far my favorite trip was when I went to Budapest to visit Dh (then just DBF). He was deployed to Bosnia and their leave was a long weekend in Budapest. It was a very short trip but SOOO much fun!

These are the only two pics I have from that trip on the computer

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Favorite Trip with DH.. Ireland for Saint Patricks Day Last year. Can't wait to go back.
As a family Outer Banks NC with my whole family Joshua had a blast with all of his cousins.

Outer Banks 1!/photo.php?fbid=1597475895171&set=t.1209834817&type=1&theater

Outer Banks 2!/photo.php?fbid=1597490255530&set=t.1209834817&type=1&theater


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