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QuickBook Modeling Agency

Has anyone heard of it??? I got a letter after filling out an application saying Zayne has been selected. However they need $198 for "insurance" to cover if for some reason Zayne can't make it to a booking (ie sick). This is supposed to be a one time payment and they cover all the expensies for "Color Zed Cards" which are what they give to clients looking to book.

It sounds like a good deal and I guess if it doesn't work I'm only out $200 BUT if it doesn't work I'm out $200! If it's legit then Zayne can start saving for college.

I've tried checking BBB and can't find anything. What do you guys think???

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it sounds like a scam and from what i have googled it seems like one as well




those are the 3 links i found with the most info.

Last year "americas most beautiful babies book" was doing something similar and had contacted myself and my sister for it

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Definitely sounds like a scam. I wouldn't blow the $200.

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Hmm sounds like a scam.

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yep...there is a lot of scammers out there...I tried putting Adam in one and they ended up wanting so much money to do this and that plus the buggers sold my email to other ppl and blew up my email big time...I had to close the account...of course they feed on our mothers narcissism when it comes to our kiddos and try to say your kiddos are gorgeous and could be a model...then we get hosed...

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So true, and the reality is kids modeling is really based primarily on their temperament and personality, moreso than their looks.