Random PT Questions

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Random PT Questions

I started PT with Josh yesterday and there's a few questions I've been thinking about.

Josh doesn't seem to empty his bladder fully when he pees. I really have to encourage him to sit longer to get it all out. Is this normal and when will I see improvement?

Yesterday I aimed for about every 30mins to take Josh to the potty. Today it's been more like 1hr. How often should I have him go?

I've placed Josh in pull ups instead of a diaper and we refer to them as underwear or pull ups. I'm not sure if I should continue with them or go straight to real underwear. What did you use with your LO? If you used pull ups, did your LO understand that they weren't a diaper?

How long did it take before your LO was telling you that he/she needed to use the potty?

How long was it before you felt your LO was potty trained?

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In the beginning I took her every 10 or 15 minutes; mostly to get a sense of when she needs to go. She's been trained for over a year and sometimes she'll ask to go every 10 minutes but generally it's about 15/20 minutes after she drinks or plays hard; or about every hour or 90 minutes. It really varies. I didn't rely on her telling me she had to go until fairly recently, but she was pretty young when she was trained. For some reason she doesn't say "go potty" when we leave the house - so I check in with her frequently to see if she needs to go. We also do a fair amount of "strategic traveling and errand running" based on where and how disgusting restrooms are!

Not a fan of pull ups - used them in the beginning for naps/nighttime; maybe a month into it she was fine, at school they used them at naps a few months longer. They were breaking out her skin and other moms and my sister were telling me not to let her get used to them - they are also a pain to take off and put back on when they are fully clothed.