This is a really cool article- Just wanted to share :o)

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This is a really cool article- Just wanted to share :o)

My friend posted this on fb...I really love it for 2 reasons...

1- I love how snuggly babies look being carried, I wish I had carried my babies. It looks so natural...and I love the contact...

2- I especially like how it shows the problem with back sleeping together with laying in a pram...FLAT HEAD!!!...It is a problem...And it needs to be carrying is helping the cause...I dont know how big of a problem it is over there, but here its huge in my eyes...
Look at the before and after photo of the baby AFTER wearing a corrective helmet!!!...WOW what a difference RIGHT???
Now do you believe flat head is a problem????

I dont sleep my babies on their backs, Im old school and side sleep mine...BUT im so over seeing babies with flat is far too common and doesnt have to happen...AND can be corrected if caught early enough, if only parents realised it!!!!

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Couldn't link the article but yeah, I never put Savannah on her back, it just seemed so uncomfortable and she had been on her tummy so much already in the hospital so it was sides and tummy for us. Wasn't much of a baby carrier though, but my sister was.

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I never put my boys on their backs either, I always alternated sides I put him down on.

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I tried to lay my kids on their backs but neither liked it...both rolled over REALLY early and slept on their sides. PLUS, both co-slept since they were BF and it was easier at night LOL!

Baby carrying- I never did with the first two but want to with this one!

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Austin was always a tummy sleeper and Russ was a side sleeper. I wore Austin alot but nearly as much as I wanted to. Baby #3 will hopefully get that more.

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Stephen liked to sleep on his back no matter what we did or how we laid him down. He would go back to laying on his back But when he was awake he not on his back, he was always held or carried. He did not like the carriers, he hated to be confined by anything. So we just carried him if we were out. He did have plagiocephaly, not because he slept on his back but because he had torticollis. He did months of PT and still had to wear a helmet. He has right palgiocepahly and left torticollis, which left a flat spot on the right side of his head. He wore a helmet for almost 4 months for 23 hours a day. It worked. And I know we did everything to try to prevent it. He is a happy, healthy, bright and thriving 3 yr old.