Royal Wedding!

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Royal Wedding!

Was I the only one up at 3:00 this morning watching the Royal Wedding??? Acually DH woke up and watched too so I know I wasn't the ONLY one up ROFL

If you watched, what did you think???

I ABSOLUTLY LOVED Kate's dress! AND I loved the fact that they lined the asile with TREES! What a cool idea!!!

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Didn't watch any part of it. I may look at pics online.

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I didn't watch it either. I remember watching Charles and Diana's wedding, but I just couldn't get into William and Kate's wedding.

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I watched it - started around 5:15 am and watched until they left the ceremony. Her dress was cute, kind of matronly though. She was brave to have two 3 year olds in her wedding, I tell ya that much. The trees looked fake - were they real??? I'm a David Tutura fanatic and he does that quite a bit.

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I watched b/c there wasn't anything else on any of the major channels. I liked her dress, it wasn't overdone. I think William was really cute, you could see he wanted to grin ear to ear and was having a really hard time keeping a straight face!

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I liked the "reception" dress a lot more.

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Pam - I love that dress!