Seriously...Tell me...AM I OUT OF LINE???

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Seriously...Tell me...AM I OUT OF LINE???

So the story go like this...We have a neighbour, who bought a puppy just before I had Charlie...YAY...bark bark bark bark!!!! Right outside our bedroom...

So its been a year now and for that whole year we have put up with being woken at all hours of the night to her barking in her kennel (only about 10ft from our bedroom) The neighbours bedroom is on the other side of her house and doesnt hear her or chooses not to, we dont know...And then she barked all day too...

She did get better (the dog that is) and stopped the night time barking...So GOOD...but we are still woken almost every morning at 6am to her barking to be fed when the neighbour gets up to get ready for work...this may go on for only 5-10mins...but at 6am its a long wakes us and the kids...

Now in the last month something else has started happening...The neighbour when she leaves for work at 6.26am will put a bone in the I (SO has got up from frustration and no point in trying to go back to sleep) So I then lay there listening to the dog grinding its teeth on the bone and thrashing it around on the wooden floor of the kennel...I know it doesnt sound like much BUT IT IS REALLY LOUD...

Now the dog has taken to starting to do this thrashing the bone around at 4am!!!!!! So we are getting woken up now at 4am!!! And it will continue to do this on and off for 30mins at a time till 6am!!!


So I rang her just before to ask her...Very politely...If at all possible at night time could she please take the bone (or whatever it is the dogs thrashing around) out of the kennel...Explained whats been happening etc...And she got shi**y with me...

Am I out of line????

Seriously...Im doing her a favour by ringing her...Because if it happens this weekend, shes going to be dealing with SO and will be wild with her and hes said hes going to ring animal control and complain...Now this dog has already got a complaint because she bit a child riding past on his its not going to take much for the dog to DISAPEAR if you know what I mean...

Now I may sound like an anti dog person...But Im not we have our own dog, I LOVE dogs... but she NEVER barks unless someone she doesnt know comes up our driveway...And we have NEVER had any complaint about our dog what so ever...

What do you ladies think????

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First, are you super light sleepers or what?? I don't even hear my dog chewing his bone in our bedroom...hmmm...maybe I'm just a really deep sleeper.


You definately aren't out of line! I don't know about NZ but I'm pretty sure here you can call the cops on people if their dogs are barking too much. Like a nuisance complaint or something...can dogs disturb the peace? Anywho, I'm not 100% sure on the laws but I know there something...

If her dog is disrupting your sleep and you children then you have every right to be b*tchy to her about it (not saying you were but you can be). I have 3 dogs and honestly I would want to know if they were bothering my neighbor! Case in point, one of our neighbor kids is deathly afraid of dogs so when we see her outside playing we don't let the dogs run around freely in the's simple common courtesy!

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I can't believe you are still having issues. I would definately complain to her then animal control. . .or you could record it for her and replay it very loudly outside her bedroom window in the middle of the night.

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i think that if the neighbour does not do much about the issue, i would call the police non-emergency line and ask for intervention from's one thing if the adults wake up but kids need to sleep. sorry to hear this...yikes.