So much for my relaxing Saturday

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So much for my relaxing Saturday

SOOO...DH and I were chilling out watching TV and the kids were playing in their play room. All of a sudden we hear Zayne screaming bloody murder. I run into the play room and ask Lexi "what happened" she tells me that she was just taking Zayne's temperature because she's the doctor. I pick up Zayne and reazise blood was coming out of his ear. I asked Lexi again, "WHAT HAPPENED" she shows me that she put a thermometer (like digital oral thermometer) in his ear.

So I put Zayne in the car and rush him to the Urgent Care Clinic were I find out that Lexi has perforated Zayne's ear drum. So now we've started antibiotic ear drops and get to go to the ENT on Monday morning to find out just how bad the damage is and what the next step is.

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Yikes! Hopefully they will heal over since he's so young. Mine have been perforated for years due to tubes being left in too long. Not fun!

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EEK! Poor Zayne!

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Oh NO poor Zayne....Hope things are ok...that mustve been horrible to see blodd coming out his ear...:(

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Zayne is doing fine today. Acts like nothing is wrong. He hates his ear drops but what can you expect from an 18 month old?

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Oh my goodness, poor little guy! I'm so glad to hear that he's feeling good today. Hopefully that means that things will heal easily for him. KUP when you hear from the ENT.

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POOR BABY!!! Not sure if this will help your nerves but Stephen has had a ruptured ear drum twice from ear infections. DId they give you ciprodex for drops? Stephen still hated the drops when he used them after his 2nd tubes were put in in APril. I hope he starts to tolerate them better and everything goes well with the ENT.