speaking of big kids

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speaking of big kids

Does anybody else feel like the 3rd year has been super long??? I feel like the first to years were fast but it seems like he has been 2 FOREVER!!!

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I AGREE!!!! But at the same time, it seems like they are growing up so fast! I think a LOT has happened in the past year! Lexi has grown up SOOOO much!

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Could have something to do with being pregnant most of it and having a baby...My time seems to be going slowly...
Altho Its also gone so fast...Charlies 1 in just over a month!!!!...
And the weeks are FLYING by....
Seems odd that this 3rd year for Liam HAS been slow...HMMMMMMMMMMM...doesnt make much sense really does it...But how often do I make sense HAHAHA....