"Stop It!"

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"Stop It!"

I am a "yes mommy" kind of mom. I give Everett instructions and he is supposed to say "yes mommy" if he disobeys me and I correct him the response should be "yes mommy."

Lately the answer I get for any instruction/ discipline is "STOP IT" followed by kicking or throwing whatever is nearest him. AAAARRRRGGGGGGG

"stop it" leads to time out and removal of the toy that he threw.

When will this end???

DH throws things when he gets mad too, but I'm 99% sure Everett has never seen him do it.

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I can't imagine how frustrating that must be for you! I would praise the heck out him when he does answer appropriately and ignore him completely when he says "stop it". When he throws toys I would walk him over to time out without saying a word and when he gets out of TO then talk.

I think it's funny that both Everett and DH throw stuff when they're mad even though Everett hasn't ever witnessed DH doing it.

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Isn't it funny how they pick up on those habits? So far, all 3 of my boys have my temper. Although

My only suggestion is NOT to react to it. If he thinks it is getting the attention he is seeking then it may continue/escalate. Thats the best I got!

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Today when he says "stop it" he follows it with "uh, I don't want a time out" He knows it's not OK.

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