Stormy Night!

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Stormy Night!

It's been crazy here in Springfield, MA - tornadoes touched down earlier this evening - ripped through downtown. I was a military brat growing up and never lived anywhere that was affected by tornadoes, this is crazy!!! We're fine - thank goodness we still have power, 4 deaths, national guard rolling through! Can't wait to see the sun shining tomorrow - nothing worse than nightfall to hit after a crazy evening like this.

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i'm glad you guys are ok.....crazy weather today in mass.........i'm down close to new bedford and we had nickel sized hail crazy thunder/lightning storm early in the morning......

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I saw that on the news! Glad you are OK. The crazy weather isn't leaving anybody out these days!

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Glad you guys are ok!!! We were once again missed tonight. No tornados that I've heard of in Nebraska but lots of 3+ inch hail just Southwest of us! This definately is crazy weather!

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Pam - glad to hear from you. When I saw on MSN that tornados had hit MA, I started worrying about you.

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Getting back to normal, just not our brand of severe weather. Our street is fine but you go two streets over and it looks like a bomb went off. My nephew couldn't make it home from work so he came here - he had to leave his car a couple of miles away and just walk because there were so many downed trees. Springfield is a city but it's not your stereotypical concrete jungle - it's quite green and with the mixture of historic and new buildings, it's a mess. We're grateful though!!

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glad you guys are OK!