Super Hero Birthday Party

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Super Hero Birthday Party

I'm a neurotic accountant and am trying to get a jump start on planning E's birthday party. We've asked him several times what theme he wants, and he always says Batman and Spiderman. So, we're going to do a generic super hero party. Someone suggested hiring a Batman or Spiderman impersonator to come entertain at the party. Any ideas on how I would find someone in my area that does this?

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Only thing I can think of is the yellowpages or ask other parents.

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good luck! Everett had a superhero costume party for his birthday last year and it was tons of fun. I just got a combination of party supplies.

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This place does a cooking party and a super hero makes an appearance but it's kind of expensive

ETA I found this website I linked it to the testimonials because thats the only way I knew they were from MO (and your area)

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I searched on and for Savannah's party. I found some caricature artists and face painters there.