Thoughts and prayers needed

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Thoughts and prayers needed

I currently have two family members in the hospital right now who could really use your prayers. My 15 month old niece has been there since Thursday night. She's had a couple of seizures and her temp has shot up to 105 a couple of times. They've ruled out meningitis and brain tumors....2 of the things the doctors were thinking in the beginning. Although her fever hasn't gone up past 101 in the past 24 hours they are keeping her to see if they can figure out what's going on.

My grandmother went in early this morning after a bad fall....the 3rd fall in the past week. However, this time she fell face first in the bathroom. She now has 8 stiches on her forehead, a busted nose, lots of bruising and worst of all....a fractured neck. My brother, whose daughter is at the same hospital, popped in to visit her and told me she isn't even recognizable!

If you could keep us all in your thoughts in prayers that would be awesome!!! It's been a rough weekend!

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Oh that's horrible on both counts. I will say a prayer for both of them and I strongly recommend Physical Therapy to help her with her falling. I know it's so easy to feel helpless when it's elderly and very young family members!

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They are both in my T& P.

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We will definitely keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

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Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers!!! :bighug:

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So sorry to hear Sad Your family is in my thoughts. KUP. :bighug:

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Thinking of you and your family.