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Time Change

Holy Moly the time change was rough this year. I refused to change my clocks until this morning when it was a decent time. I couldn't bear that thought that we were up at 5:30 AM instead of 6:30AM. Then Everett went to his nap with no lunch because he was so tired. DH and EJ went to somebody's house and came home at 6PM and Everett stripped for his PJs. It took a LOT of encouragement to keep him up until 8PM. SOOO funny!
Dalton, on the other hand, is so screwed up that the time change didn't bother him at all.
How was your change?

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So far, so good. Smile

The two big kids spent the night with my parents, and I guess they got up at a decent time (7am new time) and they are usually 6:30-7am "normal" time kids. But they have been playing VERY hard the last few days with my SIL in town and my 2 nephews were here visiting so I know they are tired.

DD2 is doing just fine, she is still really on her all the time anyways. LOL

We'll see how the next few days go, that will be the real test. Smile

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My kids adjusted pretty well...this is always the easier one to do. HOWEVER, I freaked out this morning when I woke up and it was light outside ROFL

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No issue over here either - she never naps on the weekend, so if anything she went to bed a little earlier, but woke up on que today!

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Not really much problem here either--my kids tend to get up later than many. We don't really put them to bed too early though. Bedtime is at 8-8:30. Weston actually didn't fall asleep until nearly 10 though! He had a nap yesterday though, and that has been messing with bedtime, its almost time to drop them I think. But he got up before 8 this morning (8 is when I wake up the older 2 to get ready for school) and came in my room at 7:50 already dressed! We'll see about tonight though. I'm thinking he needs a nap today because he did not sleep much last night.

I agree this one is easier than spring, though it kills me that it will soon be dark by 4 pm! Sad