Wedding plans....cos I KINDA got it all sorted HAHAHA...

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Wedding plans....cos I KINDA got it all sorted HAHAHA...

...OK I will give you a quick run down of my wedding plans so far (remembering there is no such thing as a quick run down with me HAHAHA)...

So its going to be an engagment party with a suprise wedding thrown in there...Hope I can pull it off...

We have found (and Andy agreed on it too) a venue, its will be at a house across the road from my sisters (handy) oh and FREE!!!...
The lady has big brick pillars at her gate and big raught iron gates (so looks a bit swanky) a lovely grass area in the front yard (behind a HUGE holly hedge so you cant see it from the road) it is surrounded with a rose garden and some native trees...This is were we will hold the Engagement Party...It will start around will be a cocktail type party so people get to dress up in pretty dresses etc...
There will be a table with finger food on it under a gazebo, but when I finger food it will be FLASH finger food, cos thats how we roll HAHAHA we will make it all...There will be people (Zoe and my older nieces and nephews Smile ) walking around serving food (they dont know this yet HAHA)....There will also be a BBQ on the go, with flash BBQ'ed finger food (mini kebabs, little meat balls etc) All finger food to avoid mess, plates, cultery and people can eat on the go....ALSO SAVING ON COST!!! HAHAHA...

Decorations will be simple, but different...I saw an idea of flowers hanging from a gazebo in glass jars sound werid, but very affective...

At about 8pm just on dusk, the music will stop and to the right of the area paper bag lights ....
Will slowly be lit up by my one of my friends while the other one leads people that way with this music.....
They will be lead down a garden path (almost a little bush walk), lined with the paper bag lights, that weaves through big native trees down to a clearing still surrounded by native trees...there will be solar lanterns and fairy lights in the trees...ANd Andy and the boys waiting for them all...
Zoe and I will then come down another path that over looks the clearing carrying lanterns, to this song.....
Im a bit of an Incubs fan...We are going to be soooo NON traditional!!! Im going to ask Andy if he will write his own vows, I already have some ideas for mine HAHAHA does this surprise you??? HAHAHAHA I bet not...Anyway after that, we will head back up the path to PARTY ON!!!

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I want to come!!! So exciting!

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Sounds awesome..

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Sounds sooooo amazing!!!! I think you should Skype us in!

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I love the idea of an engagement party turned into wedding! Should be an amazing day!