What do you all think...AF Question...

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What do you all think...AF Question...

Soooo Ive had AF back for about 2 1/2mnths right...But Im already on my 5th...YES 5TH period!!!!!! ARRRGGGGGGGHHHHH....its doing my head in....

Ive always been very regular, as in once a month at the right time, bang on the right day even...its usually only medium to light and for only about 4 days tops....BUT now its been every 2 weeks and heavy and for about 7days!!!!! YUCK!!!!

Im still on the pill, but that doesnt seem to make any difference it still comes...even if I continue to take my pill, its still comes...And in the past Ive been able to stop it coming by skipping the week Im not ment to take it and just continuing (you know for those occasions you really dont want it, like camping or a special weekend away Wink )

Yes SO has had the snip, but he hasnt been back in to get tested yet so thats why Im still on the pill...
But that brings me to another down side, Im so used to being on the pill and NORMALLY AF doing what its supose to do and come when its ment to etc...that Im really struggling with the idea of not having any control over it and it just coming when it comes etc...Silly I know but I like to be in control...I spose its just cos Ive been on it for more than my life than off it really...

Have you ladies ever had amything like this happen before??? What do ya reckon???

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I'm having AF issues myself. I used to get it every for weeks for about 5 days. For a while I was getting really bad ovulation pains, and AF was coming a little more frequently, but still only lasting 5 days. Now I'm not getting the ovulation pains anymore, but AF is lasting a lot longer. This has been going on for the past few months. I'm currently on day 11! I havent been back to the gynecologist since having Jenna, simply out of laziness, so I think I need to go back and get things figured out, because I am not keen on spending half of my life bleeding!

So anyway, I can totally relate to how you feel, and I hope you're able to get yourself sorted out as well.

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Ok so this is not the same thing but i literally bled for 4 months after having Max because of pp bleeding then i got my iud inserted so there was bleeding from that and then shortly after that I got my first period that lasted for a week then (like you) two weeks later i started bleeding again. I was so confused!!!
Now finally i seem to be back on a regular schedule.