who's napping?

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who's napping?

Everett is trying to get rid of his naptime. The daycare says he fights it so long that by the time he falls asleep it's time to get up which makes him super grumpy. We've had several days at home where he fought naptime too. I'm just wondering if it's a phase or it is permanent. I will make him have quiet time in his bedroom if he's not sleeping but I'm not ready for a no nap boy!

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I cannot believe he napped this long! I think we ditched Everit's nap at like, less than 2 years. Of course, he was always a terrible sleeper anyway. On occasion he will fall asleep in the late afternoons... but that is rare!

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Both mine fight naps. They are horrible monsters if they make it to bedtime without one. When that doesn't happen they fall asleep at dinner time, have to be woken up and are MONSTERS.

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E is a great sleeper! He naps everyday at DC and takes great naps on the weekends. At night, E sometimes fights going to bed, but he never fights a nap. I want to keep that nap around as long as possible Biggrin

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In order for us to get the younger two to nap on weekends, we are enforcing a house wide nap/ quiet time. Which means the three older ones have to have quiet time. I think that could be my saving grace.

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Liam hasnt napped since hes been at kindy...Even Charlie is without naps already...he hasnt napped for the last probably 4 mnths so since he was about 15/16mnths old!!!!.....

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Gabe naps 1-2 times a week but he does quiet time for 30-60 minutes each day. We joke in my family that if Gabe is riding on ANY vehicle he falls asleep within minutes...tractors, lawn mowers, four wheelers, even snowmobiles!! So any car rides we take, morning or afternoon, he is usually alseep just 2-3 miles away from home. LOL
He's always been my sleeper. He slept in the crib until is was 3 years old and NEVER once tried getting out.

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Sydney hasnt napped since just before 2 either........... im so jealous of you guys and your kiddos that nap!!

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She hasn't napped at home in quite some time, and she naps at school maybe 2 times a week, but they tell me she is good at staying on her cot and just kind of chilling out (which she never does at home).

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We're kind of in the awkward phase right now where she has a hard time getting through the day without a nap, but if she does nap she wants to stay up all night. I'm pretty sure Braden was not napping by this age.

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Joshua sitll naps at DC as well as at home.

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My kids take GREAT naps at dc but never nap for me at home!

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Gabe is 3 1/2. At daycare, we are lucky if he naps once during the week. Then he falls asleep on the way home and is so cranky when we get home. on the weekend he naps 2-4 hours. So I know he needs it. The Dr told us at this age they easily can be ready to get rid of naps.